SATO, pemimpin dalam solusi pencetakan barcode selama lebih dari dua dekade, terkenal karena memberikan ketahanan yang tangguh dan kinerja yang dapat diandalkan di sepanjang masa pakainya, yang meliputi printer termal langsung dan transfer termal, printer Cerdas RFID, mesin cetak OEM, printer jaring lebar 10,5 inci, aksesori printer, perangkat lunak desain label, dan pita transfer termal.

Printer Industri 


  CLNX Series Baru
Universal Industrial Thermal Printers
 HR2 (Industrial Thermal Printer): The SATO HR2 printer is designed for reliability and printing on very small labels. Features include: Dispenser, internal backing rewinder & choice of communication interfaces.
  HR2 Series
Presisi Tinggi
The new "e" Series of CL printers, CL608e & CL612e brings the latest in technology to the world of Industrial Grade Thermal Label Printing. They offer high speed data transmission, unparalleled processing speed and high on-board memory.
Jaring Lebar 6"/6.5" 
Specially designed for the manufacturing industry, SATO’s M10e Direct/Thermal Transfer high performance barcode printer is capable of printing large compliance labels at a high speed.
Jaring Lebar 10.5"
The M5900RVe is a rugged industrial direct thermal printer of high performance. Print head has a 2 million linear inch warranty!
Termal Langsung
The M84Pro Series - the rugged industrial generation of high performance direct thermal / thermal transfer printers with high resolution capabilities – 203dpi, 305dpi or 609 dpi!
  Pro Series
Kinerja Tinggi

Printer ringkas, desktop

CG Series (Desktop Printer): Direct thermal/thermal transfer printer with superior performance and affordable price. With competitive emulations, optimal interfaces and anti-microbial casing it is suitable to be used by healthcare industry.
  Seri CG BARU
Desktop Tingkat Entri2"/4" 
CT4i is a high performance, compact printer, packed with features like high print speed, resolution, high speed interfaces, wireless connectivity, etc. It also has an anti-microbial casing which is suitable for use in healthcare industry.
  Seri CT4i
Desktop Volume Tinggi

Printer mandiri

    FX3-LX *NEW*
Cloud-connected, touch & print 
TH2 | 2" Mobile Thermal Printer: Our Direct thermal, portable battery printer has an Anti-Microbial casing for use in food preparation and healthcare industries. Applicable in food safety, shelf, stock, ingredient labeling and more   TH2
2" Termal

Printer Tag

DR3 tag printer is a versatile printer suitable to be applied across many industries such as retail, hospitality, transport, logistics, government. It can be used to print tags for apparels, accessories, baggage, admission tickets, etc
  Seri DR3
Printer tag eceran
 TG3 tag printer is built specifically for the retail industry and allows you to print tags for apparels, accessories, cosmetics and more   Seri TG3 
Printer tag dan label 2-in-1

Mesin Cetak 

Designed especially for integration to with the markets' most reliable print/apply systems, SATO print engines provide reliable performance day in day out for the most demanding, high duty-cycle applications around the world globally.
  Mesin Cetak OEM

Printer Portabel

MBi Series is a range of mobile printers ideal for mobile printing, receipt printing, specimen labeling, shelf labeling and more.
  Seri MBi BARU
Printer Portabel 2"/4"
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